Advertising is an essential part of commercialization and has evolved tremendously over the past decade,
along with the advancement in supporting technologies.

Advertisements can be delivered to potential
customers through many different types of medias, including televisions, internet, Social Network Services,
radios, billboards, and even exteriors of buildings or vehicles.

Understanding how viewers behave, interact,
and react to a specific advertisement has great potential in order to systematically position the advertisement.

Introducing RIBAM

RIBAM stands for Real-time, Intelligent Broadcasting Audience Measurement unit. RIBAM is a camerabased platform designed for measuring viewer's attention and behavior when exposed to an advertisement.
The RIBAM system integrates cutting-edge image processing technologies including face-tracking and
recognition, eye-gaze tracking and emotion detection.

• How does it work?
RIBAM can be installed near a media where advertisements are displayed facing toward the viewers. It will
recognize how many people are in front of the media and how many of them are actually watching the
displayed material. RIBAM can be placed in any place where various forms of advertisements are available
such as shelf flyers, posters, large-scale projections, and even home televisions.

RIBAM is user-friendly and easy to use. Non-expert users can easily configure the hardware and software
as needed. It has a touch screen display for camera calibration, wireless network setup, and control of the

In order for RIBAM to measure the viewers' attention and behavior, it first detects faces within the range of
camera view and then extracts features on the person's face, such as the exact positions of the head and
eyes for each viewer. RIBAM also provides eye gaze estimation to detect where in the displayed media
the viewer is approximately gazing. This feature has a great potential if an advertisement appears on a
specific location on a large display, such as advertising banners on websites in order to effectively attract the
viewer's attention.

RIBAM can also recognize the users' faces. For example, RIBAM is installed on a home television and
trained to recognize each family member. It can measure attention and behavioral patterns of each individual
member in addition to any unknown persons, such as guests, by assigning an arbitrary name for each of the
new person.

RIBAM can also detect basic emotions by detecting positive, neutral, or negative facial expressions.

• Is there any risk?
There is no foreseeable risk involved in using RIBAM. It involves minimum risk which does not exceed of the
level of using a commercial electronic device, such as a camera or a webcam. RIBAM operates under full
safety and security related to user data and image broadcasting. All of the processing takes place on board
within the device, frame by frame. Only the processed data, such as the attention span, frequency, and gaze
characteristics are stored. Actual video images are not stored or transferred.

RIBAM will bring the potential customers and companies closer than ever. Customized advertisement
based on the user's age and gender, as well as the personal preference and behavioral characteristics will
maximize the advertising effect.

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