MEDPOS is a custom designed, low-cost Point of Sale System that comes to replace traditional cashier machines and on-the-spot ordering systems. It is a digital cashier machine compatible with a series of external devices that can perform additional operations to a conventional Point of Sale System!

MEDPOS is build up with ANDROID embedded technology having the capacity to record and follow the clients' orders, read credit and debit cards, interact with external interfaces, as well as to manage order information. Each financial transaction is being recorded and your data is being securely stored eradicating the possibility of data loss and losing control. MEDPOS system is fully wireless and can be easily installed in places with minimal infrastructure.

Our system can be installed in any place with financial transactions taking place. We are supporting connectivity to popular Front Office Interfaces. It is fully functional with a wide range of industries, including:
- Hotels
-Amusement Parks
- Cafes
-Commercial Stores

Some of the most essential MEDPOS advantages are the acquisition low cost, rapid configuration, connectivity to external interfaces and applications and hardware compatibility. It is fast to learn, easy to use and simplified maintenance. It supports your company's evolution towards faster, reliable and lower cost services to your clients.

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