Medotics AG produces revolutionary robotics technology. With true innovation, we design robotic services to aid medical and scientific ventures. From surgical arms to technical assistants, our advanced systems are built to streamline processes and establish uniformity.

With a highly dedicated team of robotics and medical experts, we utilize contemporary technologies with an emphasis on compatibility. This allows us to administer new sciences for elaborate and complicated procedures. As part of our progressive technology, we are working on a new medical instrument called AWREC.

During complex abdominal wall reconstruction, a bio-mesh is often utilized. Such materials are human acellular cadaveric dermis and soft polypropylene mesh. In order to appropriately secure the material and eliminate dead space, operating time can increase significantly.

AWREC is a stitching tool that will effectively secure the material (on-lay or underlay) on the anterior abdominal wall. This can be implemented at a fraction of the time needed with the conventional suture approach.

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