As part of our robotic portfolio, we are proud to introduce METSIO.

METSIO is a novel, mobile eye-tracker. It is combining lightweight, mobile eye-tracking with static environment images. Its innovative design will allow us to complete statistical analysis of eye-tracked groups automatically. METSIO will be able to perform eye-tracking analysis for outdoor applications with the precision that in-lab experiments take place today.

Motivation for METSIO has been the difficulty of performing eye-tracking research on category management applications. Images for the eye-tracked arena are constantly changing as the subjects move. Our goal is to have all the gazes extracted on a steady frame of reference i.e. super market shelves. The technology involved will not include head or body tracking techniques but instead -integrated computer vision technologies.

METSIO can be used through a series of applications. Such are marketing applications, psychological evaluations, training of professionals, product ergonomical analysis, and sports.