Medotics AG specializes in high-end robotics technology. From surgical aids to mobile applications, we offer an array of innovative products and services. Our units are intelligently designed to facilitate multi- faceted endeavors in digital environments. This includes health, production, security and other industrial sectors.

With high-tech engineering, we continue to offer practical solutions for the scientific and medical communities. Currently, we are developing a range of robotic products for industrial and commercial utilization.

These include:
• METSIO: a novel mobile Eye-tracker
• AWREC: a surgical instrument for abdominal wall reconstruction
• RIBAM: a real-time intelligent broadcasting audience measurement

With true innovation, our products are designed to support companies with intricate needs. Our mission is to develop products that assist with professional or social activities. All products are based on avant-garde ideas and are developed through strict scientific standards.

For more information on our developing technologies, please contact us today.